5 early chapter book stories filled with adventure, intrigue and fun. Meet ugly space pirates, a boy who talks to animals, penguins, dinosaurs, and dragons! All tales are pulled from author Carole St-Laurent’s book collection.
Parad ice – learning an important lesson   Follow Zigi the penguin throughout his life as he goes from riches to losing it all, and learns an important lesson of appreciation. Parad’Ice – Learning an important lesson, teaches children not to be jealous of others but rather to be grateful for all the good things that they have. It is also a beautiful lesson about the benefits of helping others. Your child will be introduced to Tania, Zigi's physically disabled little girl, Zigi's wife and their three silly seagulls.This children's book is an educationally fun short story for early chapter readers.   Ages 5 to 7
Children's books: Funky Town  This is a story about a lamb that runs away because he is different from everyone. Two divided towns will get together to help find the lost lamb. In the end, the lamb will teach a valuable lesson to everyone. Inside this beautiful Self-Esteem & Self-Respect book, you will find; sheep, seahorses, elephants, cats, chameleons, frogs and lambs.  It is a Children's growing up & facts of life book, with examples of diversity. It has a beautiful subtle way of bringing on the subject of LGBT, friendship and families, all in a perfect children's family life book.  Ages 4-8
Dragon tale: Dragons threaten a peaceful village until a sorcerer finds the perfect solution. Dragon Tale is a wonderful short story about the importance of good communication to avoid misunderstandings. This tale is perfect for an early chapter book reader. Age 5 to 7
Rewrite your life the way you’ve always wanted it to be. Watch it change in 30 days with the help of these 12 simples questions. Just like writing a movie script, rewrite your life and let the wonders of the Universe do the rest. Simple, easy and fun, you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain from this experience. For adults
La Coccinelle et Fourmillette : Deux rêves impossibles, une amitié insoupçonnée. Faites pousser des ailes dans le dos des plus jeunes. Ce conte vous plonge dans la magie d’une rencontre. Les contes de Carole St-Laurent amènent les tout petits à apprendre des valeurs importantes. Les illustrations sont fantastiques et flamboyantes. Parfait pour les jeunes de 2 à 6 ans.
The Lady Bug and The Ant: Two impossible dreams, an unsuspected friendship. Grow wings in the back of your own young ones. This tale submerges you in the magic of an encounter.
Henrik – The Animal Whisperer Henrik has the wonderful ability to understand all animals. He has adventures on his magical red bike; racing at lightning speed, riding mountains even through the snow! Although Henrik has a magnificent ability to communicate with animals, people don’t always believe him, especially his father. Find out what event will change all that. For kids 6 to 10.
Bullies and buddies-The super cattail:  This children’s book is a story of being true to one’s self no matter what, it's about being bullied around, intimidated and getting back up, it tells a story of self-esteem, being brave and staying positive. Bullies have nothing on this clever happy cattail because he has friends who support and love him, so even if he is small and fragile in one way, he is tough and courageous on the inside.  This is truly one of the most beautiful picture books for kids, with straightforward good values that will warm your heart.  Bullies and buddies kid’s book: Super Cattail is an anti bullying book filled with great values.
The magic mirror: This insecure, shy and loveless ostrich goes through life with its head in the sand to avoid the pain of reality. She lacks confidence and self-love until the day she comes upon a magic mirror and discovers her true self.  Kids book ages 6-8
Are you looking for the perfect gift for teenagers or young adults?  You just found it!  This Time Capsule Book is a type of journal, diary, memoir, sketch book that you fill with memorabilia and magazine cut-ups. It’s the perfect gift for a teenage girl (or LGBT boy) or a young female adult who wants to remember all about a specific year or era.  Filled with motivational quotations, you will discover that it’s going to be so much fun to answer all the corky questions and stick stuff in this Time Capsule Book; like your favorite pet’s fur, a piece of your hair, gum wrapper, etc.  You’ll want to get a Time Capsule Book for all your friends so that they can have as much fun as you.  It’s so much fun to open a box of souvenirs, look at old pictures, stumble on a keepsake and remember that moment or period of your life many years after. This is what this Time Capsule Book evokes.  You will write down essential or significant moments, dates, people and events so that many years later you wi
Le piranha et le poisson rouge  Un méchant tyran terrorise pour s'amuser, jusqu'à ce qu'un jour il rencontre son match, Marla, si gentille et douce mais très courageuse, elle ne se laisse pas intimider. Sa présence est un véritable défi pour Oscar. Gardera-t-il ses habitudes d'intimidateur, ou changera-t-il de jour en jour en voyant la bonne manière d'être.  Le piranha et le poisson rouge est un conte humouristique qui vous fera rire plus tôt que plus tard. Les illustrations colorées vous enchanteront, mais attention, les dents pointues pourraient vous faire frissonner.  Le piranha et le poisson rouge vont même faire découvrir aux jeunes enfants une animalerie d’animaux de compagnie très spécial, avec des adorables chats adultes, des chiens mignons,des oiseaux chanteur, des beaux lapins et même des iguanes et des lézards qui vous donneront des becquettes.  Oscar et Marla, quelle paire!
Space pirates with Barracuda faces  Adventure filled space story of a family who left earth in search of a better life.  Living in space can be an amazing experience, but the threat of cruel, ugly space pirates is always eminent. Follow Saaren on his adventures as he takes on the most notorious bandits in the universe, the Barracuda faces. Travel to far out planets where creatures come in all shapes and sizes. Find out how a normal earthling boy became one of the best pilots of the cosmos.  Ages 6 to 10
Follow the adventures of Oscar the piranha and his best friend Marla, the goldfish. Oscar didn't always have a friend, because most of the other fish were afraid of him. Find out how he made a special friend! Oscar and Marla, what a pair beyond compare. Boys and girls, parents alike, will fall in love with these two delightfully funny characters.
Dinosaur totem pole  A tale about a young boy who loved sports even though he wasn’t very skilled at any of them. One thing the lad had a gift for was anything relating to dinosaurs. Discover the extraordinary adventure Mateo will experience on what started out as a very normal Sunday afternoon playing baseball. Follow him around as he runs for his life to avoid getting eaten alive, then out of the confusion he will make some very ancient new friends; the gentle giants.  children's books ages 6-10

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